Triassic Sands (5.10b) – 11/21/2015

Triassic Sands was our first climb at Red Rocks this year. We left the house late, around 9:30 am, so four pitches and a short approach seemed like an appropriate goal.

The dirt road to Black Velvet Canyon was pretty bumpy, I was wondering if our small economy rental car was going to make it. It worked, but we parked slightly before the parking lot to avoid going over more dirt holes.

Aaron led the first short wide crack to a comfy ledge where he built a gear anchor.

My turn up the crux pitch (5.10b). I used to think that ratings at Red Rocks were soft. This trip has shown otherwise. This pitch starts overhanging. It was hard for me to reach the first jug, I had to go low and slightly jump to it. This move is protected, but definitely pumpy.



Once over that bulge, another smaller one follows. The pump fest over, the climb continues with a very long man-hand crack, to an easy offwitdth. I had to run it out a lot, since the only pro to place were BD #2, and I only had one left. It was fun though, I felt definitely warmed up after that.

Aaron led the next pitch (5.8), up another crack, a bit less steep.

The fourth pitch looked awesome (5.10a), though also scary because one had to pull a roof using a detached blocks for the feet. That move was protected by a bolt, thankfully. After that the climbing was really enjoyable. Crack climbing up a corner, through small bulges. I felt confident leading this.


We rapped the route with two ropes, the night was falling when we reached our last rappel. Days are short in November!



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