Rose Hips (5.7+) to Birthday Cake (5.6) – 11/27/2015

It was supposed to cool down to the high 40s degrees Fahrenheit the day after Thanksgiving. Aaron and I were looking into doing a lot of easy pitches in the sun. We planned on doing “Myster Z” on Jackrabbit Buttress to “Armatron” on Brownstone Wall. That didn’t happen.

We got to the base of Myster Z around 7:45. One party was starting the climb, and another party of three was waiting. So we decided to check out “Rose Hips”, also 5.7, but apparently with more runouts and an “old school” feel.


I really enjoyed “Rose Hips”. Aaron led the first pitch (5.7+): face climbing for a long while with sparse protection. Then it goes up a short crack, below a roof / tight chimney.

I went up and around the roof (5.7), face climbed to the left of the chimney, and built a belay on a ledge beside a wide crack.

Aaron led the next pitch up a wide crack (5.6) until the crack peters out.

I combined the next two pitches almost to the top of the Buttress: it involved a 5.6 exposed traverse without any pro (5.6), then up some very easy (5.2) face climbing next to a wide crack. I couldn’t see Aaron so I was trying to be really careful not to pull him through the traverse.

From there we kept roped up for a little bit of walking / scrambling up slabs, until we felt really safe.

We walked up white slabs for less than five minutes to reach the base of Armatron. There were a lot of people on the climb, and already three parties waiting. It wasn’t worth waiting in the cold, we would not make it to the top if we started after all of these people.

So we kept it moving up “Birthday Cake”, which is probably the easiest multipitch I have ever done. It was really enjoyable to climb something without second guessing any move, just focusing on running to the top of Brownstone wall and make it down to maybe enjoy a hot tub.


The 360 degrees view on top of Brownstone Wall was definitely worth freezing a little.


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