Iconoclast tentative – Psychopath (5.11A) – 9/19/2015

Last Saturday Jaga and I had planned to climb “Iconoclast” on the Snow Creek Wall. It’s a big climb for me, I spent some time studying the pitches to make sure I could lead them all. My main goal was to climb “Psycopath”, a 5.11A varation of Pitch 2 of Iconoclast. That line seemed beautiful.

Jaga and I spent some time at the Sleeping Lady lodge: eating breakfast, enjoying the toilets, and getting our packs ready. We had planned to start hiking up at 8am. Which in theory would leave us with plenty of time to go up “Iconoclast”. We left a little later as planned, making it to Snow Creek Wall at 9:30.

Snow Creek Wall

One party was starting Iconoclast. We then realized that 2 other parties were waiting for their turn. So Jaga and I waited, and waited. Jaga finally started leading the “Remorse” traverse at 11:45am. Our motivation had dropped down at that point!

I lead “Psychopath” and enjoyed every moves of it. My friend had told me that it was run out after the crux. I understood later that he was climbing the face, as I was climbing and protecting the small crack.

It was 1:30pm when Jaga joined me at the top of “Psychopath”. I was excited to continue up, but also worried about the possibility of climbing in the dark, and being stuck being the 10+ parties climbing “Outer Space”.

Jaga on “Psychopath”

So we decided to call it a day: set up a top rope on “psychopath”, and climbed it three times each to get a workout.

A little disappointing, but still a nice day!

The next day we headed up “Yard Art”, on the Peek a Boo tower. I had done this climb with Tony last year, sweet although a little dirty.


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