Trout Creek – 9/6/2015 – 9/7/2015

We only got two days of climbing in Trout Creek, but that was plenty since the routes are steep, physical, and thus mentally challenging (for me!). Trout Creek got me obsessed with climbing last year. if I wasn’t prior to that. There aren’t any easy routes, and the ones rated below 5.10- are usually wide cracks which I don’t tend to go for.

We spent our first day at the The Northern End.

Aaron lead “Lively Up Yourself” (5.10-)  as our first climb. Nice man hand jam crack.

Then I got on “Desesperado” (5.11-), it starts with a 5.9ish crack that narrows down to nothing forcing some balancy face moves above my protection. I fell. But got it the second time.

Leading “desesperado” (5.11-)

Nathan lead “Talkin it clean” (5.10-) close to “Desesperado”. This route has an intimidating finish. I lead it last year and still remembered it! After that I lead “The wiggle room”, a super fun 5.10+ double crack. Easy beginning with hard finish. Loved it.

Nice view from the mail wall
View of the cliff from the trail
Nathan leading “Goldrush” (5.10-)

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