Vesper Peak – Ragged Edge – 5.7- 7/4/2015

Aaron planned to climb Vesper Peak over the 4th of July weekend. Most people do this climb car to car in one day, but we decided to camp at a lake and enjoy more time out in that area.

We started hiking around 5pm, which was a great idea looking at how hot it was that day and the trail was in the shade at that time. Good timing! The trail to the pass is pretty steep and rocky, lots of loose rock. It was our first time hiking with camping gear and climbing gear and somehow it didn’t feel too bad. maybe we are getting in shape?

The lake we camped at is really pretty, the water is see-through and appealing to jump in in such a heat.

We headed to Vesper Peak in the morning around 8 am. No pressure. It’s a six pitches route at about 5.6 – 5.7 all pitches and we weren’t far from the start. getting to the base required some route finding. We could have scrambled some steep scree but decided to walk back the trail we came from the day before, and follow a trail.

Vesper peak – Scrambling up to the base of “Ragged Edge”

Aaron lead all climb. I had lead all of Davis-Holland+Loving Arms that week and wanted to take a break!

Vesper Peak – Ragged Edge – Following the traverse pitch

“Ragged Edge” has some pretty exposed climbing, and a blocky section that is a bit tricky. But nothing bad.

We camped at the lake again after the climb, and headed out the next morning. A slow but well appreciated outing.


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