Garibaldi Lake to the Black Tusk – 5/23/15 – 5/24/2015

Sue, my friend Mark’s wife had told me about this worthy hike to the Black Tusk. I love climbing and could have done more of it after two days, but it’s also nice to switch it up and hike.

I honestly haven’t been hiking much this past two years, besides hiking to the base of climbing walls. I used to like hiking, but when I started climbing I found it boring to hike unless there was something to climb on the way. It was about time I changed my mindset, and the “Black Tusk” was a great destination for that.

We had no idea what the conditions would be up there. Deep snow? ice? We packed up at the parking lot, taking our crampons and ice ax. We seemed over-prepared, compared to the people around us tiny bootie shorts and shiny running shoes! But maybe Canadians aren’t cold and have feet made with steel. Worth case, it would be training weight for us, which I needed greatly.

The goal was to camp at Lake Garibaldi, 10 km up from the parking lot, then head to the Black Tusk the next morning.

This was the first viewpoint.


Lake Garibaldi was indeed beautiful. The trees and mountains around it reflect in the clear glassy blue water. It is hard to pick the best shot Aaron took, as there are so many.


The next day we woke up fairly early (~6am) to hike to the Black Tusk. Snow was wet and mush. I dropped my backpack at the junction point making it easy on me to hike up the 3.5 km.

On the hike up the sky cleared up and Aaron took some nice shots from Lake Garibaldi. This one is on our way down.


The Black Tusk is a weird tooth looking pile of black rock. Some people climb it, but it seems really loose and sketchy without a helmet (and maybe a full on body armor). Climbing it was not a deep desire for sure.


The downhill hike back to the junction was really fast. I was pole skiing/ running down, while Aaron was glissading on the mush snow.

This was a lovely hike, and I would do it again!


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