Rattletale – 5.10b- 5/4/2015

Nathan and I climbed “rattletale” at Index on a Monday afternoon. It’s so nice to take half a day off and enjoy Index! Plus I hadn’t climbed with him since last year at Trout Creek so it was long overdue.

Nathan sounded really tired. He had just come back from Squamish, doing some aiding / big wall training and sleeping on a portaledge. I was a little “muscle-tired” myself after a weekend of cragging in Leavenworth.

The approach is shortish, 20 minutes maximum I believe.

But “rattletale” is just an exciting climb. It looks good, it is good. Only 3 short pitches though. Nathan had done it several times so he let me do the two harder pitches.

Nathan lead the first pitch, it looked dirty, but I ended up really enjoying it. The second pitch is a short, sustained, and pumpy 10b. It is intimidating. I asked him to take several times. the crack widens towards the top so I switched from crack climbing to laybacking: there were a lot of feet at that point so it worked well.

The third pitch looks like a really wide chimney rated 5.10A, more like a stemming problem. My shoes were wet and I was unable to wipe them off while leading, so I climbed it in a weird way, but it worked. I made it up clean, happy about myself! Loved it.


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